University Notification

Sep 29, 2018
UNIVERSITY NOTIFICTION In accordance with the arrangements of the university and the teaching plan, the National Day of the People's Republic of China holiday arrangements are as follow...

The Link of China Scholarship Council

Sep 27, 2018
The link of China Scholarship Council to explore more information about studying in China.

University Notification

Sep 11, 2018
The deadline for students of 2016 to pay full tuition fee is 12A.M.12.09.2018. The students who are unable to pay full tuition fee in this above given time will not be allowed to extend resident pe...

University Notification

Aug 23, 2018
Session 2015: SHAMI KAMRAN JUNAID KABUNGWE BOBBY MAYUNGANO MWIKISA The University decided to add 0.5 marks in reward and punishment part of scholarship evaluation system for the above mentioned...

Extra curricula

Aug 23, 2018
Fire Fighting drillmorning 16th December 2016 : Fire can play Havoc with ones life and property,in order to keep the foreign students safe and alarmed of disaster situations all foreign students .....

Summer Vacation Tips

Jul 20, 2018
Summer Vacation Tips High power appliances can cause a horrific electricity problem and fire, so they are not allowed to use in dormitories. Turn off all the electrical appliances,water heaters an...