November 7, 2018
根据《山西省来晋留学政府奖学金管理办法实施细则》第二章第六条之规定、《山西中医学院留学生奖学金暂行管理办法》和留学生2017-2018学年综合测评结果,国际教育学院(筹)在公平、公开、公正的原则下,开展了山西省来晋留学政府奖学金评定工作。 经奖学金评定小组认真评议、审核,对MUREED QUDSIA等8名...

University Notification

November 5, 2018
Shanxi university of chinese medicine is not liable of any negotiation between third party consultants ,agents,students and the admission candidate except pakchina education consultants private limited. such negotiations between any third party and the.candidate that includes paym...

University Notification

September 29, 2018
UNIVERSITY NOTIFICTION In accordance with the arrangements of the university and the teaching plan, the National Day of the People's Republic of China holiday arrangements are as follows: September 29th (Saturday): Follow the schedule of Saturday. September 30th (Sunday): Fo...

The Link of China Scholarship Council

September 27, 2018
The link of China Scholarship Council to explore more information about studying in China.

University Notification

September 11, 2018
The deadline for students of 2016 to pay full tuition fee is 12A.M.12.09.2018. The students who are unable to pay full tuition fee in this above given time will not be allowed to extend resident permit. It doesn’t matter whatever the personal reasons are, a student must submit ...

Summer Vacation Tips

July 20, 2018
Summer Vacation Tips High power appliances can cause a horrific electricity problem and fire, so they are not allowed to use in dormitories. Turn off all the electrical appliances,water heaters and taps before leaving the dormitories. Do not go to the crowed places such as bars,disc...