May 24, 2017  Source: International Education Center  Author: IEC


    In accordance with the arrangements of the university and the teaching plan, the Dragon Boat Festival arrangements are as follows:

  May 27th (Saturday): Follow the schedule of Monday.

  May 28th - May 30th (Sunday to Tuesday) a holiday, a total of 3 days. 

    During the holiday, students should get permission from teachers (Juniors from Ms. Li, Seniors from Mr. Li) if go to other places for traveling.

    Be Maintain good personal hygiene habits. Do not put the garbage bag on the dormitory passage.

    Do not go to the crowed places such as bars, train stations.

    You can take a taxi from any place in the city back to the campus. Remember to take the cab with an authorized sign of “Taxi”. Cars without Taxi Tags are Illegal and Not Safe, so Avoid Traveling in Such Cars. Do not take Motorcycle taxi and Illegal cars.

Be safe during the holiday!

Enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival!