Internship Bases

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine boasts 63 training and internship bases, among which there are three directly affiliated hospitals with more than 2,700 beds for patients. The Second Hospital gets handsome support from the national government as the main internship and training base for undergraduate students. The Third Hospital is the supreme institute in Shanxi which features instruction, clinics and research in acupuncture and moxibustion. It is widely known for its “non-herbal”therapy and the New Nine Needles. The Hospital of integrated Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine and WM, established in 1939, is characterized by its advanced medical equipment and a top class nursing team.

Instructors in these hospitals have been trained at home and abroad to enhance their language competency so that they can be qualified. International students, just like native students, have to undergo intense training and abide by strict rules to ensure smooth internship.